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Registering as user

On the erWin homepage, you will see a menu bar on the left. Click with the mouse on the menu item Registration and complete the following fields:

All other fields are optional at present and can be filled in later on. Complete the registration by clicking on the button Register. After a few minutes you will receive an email with your password for your initial logging in to erWin Online.

  • User name: This is where you can enter your own user name for the use of erWin Online. If you leave this field blank, your e-mail address will automatically be used as your user name.
  • E-mail, your existing e-mail address, e.g.:
    Note: Please make sure that you type your e-mail address correctly. Your password and all other erWin Online e-mails will be sent to this address.
  • First name, your first name, e.g.: Günter
  • Surname, your last name, e.g.: Gnats
  • Company, your company, e.g.: Gnats GmbH
    If you are a company within the EU and are in possession of a valid VAT identification number, please also indicate it.
    Note: This is not needed if you are registering as a private individual.
  • Street: Gezeiten-Weg 3a
  • Town/city, your home or place of work, e.g.: Gummersbach
  • Post code, the post code for your home or place of work, e.g.: 51643
  • Country, the country of your home or place of work, e.g.: Germany